Packaging Enrichments

Lamp propose itself as a comprehensive answer to the requests of the packaging market. Thanks to its craftsmanship and productive capacity combined with design software, LAMP can provide products custom-made specifically to the demands of our clients.
LAMP’s creations are thought as “tailored suits”, granting our clients the opportunity to have a product that will distinguish their packaging of choice from the standardized offer available on the market, therefore our products are intended for high profile markets.
Thought as an added value to packaging, our personalised enrichments can be applied within two macro sectors: glass packaging (primary packaging) and multi materials packaging (secondary packaging).


Mass production with customisations of the single product.

  • Metallic tags that could be calendered and/or flattened, embossed and shaped according to the design of choice
  • Plates coined and/or diamond engraved
  • Details, even of single pieces, milled and enamelled (letters, numbers, symbols)
  • Sealing wax seals

All our products are executed following the techniques, styles and graphics chosen by our clients.

Technical Specification


  • Diamond engraving
  • Mill engraving
  • Embossed engraving
  • Full colour four-colour printing
  • Hand finishes


Dimensions and shapes will be decided on request, after acquiring the files or designs.
The thickness will be subsequently based on the kind of metal and our clients requests


  • Engraving
  • Polished and/or burnished cut
  • Calendering
  • Others upon request
    (following a feasibility study)

  • Aluminium
  • Copper
  • Brass
  • Silverplated
  • Silver
  • Silver Gilt
  • Gold

Tags and plaques created starting from a design, coined using three different kind of metal (brass, copper and aluminium).

The mould is made of stainless steel and a variety of techniques and then refined by hand with a finish done by antiquing the metal using manual craft processes.

Personalised diamond engraving and subsequent burnishing of every single piece.

The front side of the tag is treated with a double layer of a protective product while on the back, our manufacturers have applied a high strength double-sided adhesive.

Bending is done using a matrix and tested manually to allow for a perfect fitting on the round surface where the tag will be positioned.

Fine wood support with a multi-part polished brass logo tag. The logotype has been milled from one piece using a CNC machine and then placed, at the surface level, in its slot made by a previous low relief milling process.

Example of an elliptic 925/000 satin silver plate, personalised using a diamond drill engraving with a polish cut, suitable on multiple varieties of material used in the packaging.

Copper enrichment realised upon specific requests for a mass application.
After the evaluation of the material, the dimension and of the application support, our manufacturers created a steel mould to perform the moulding of the product from metal sheets instead of full metal, reducing the weight of the final product.
Finishing is done by burnishing and brushing the piece, this process makes the excavated parts darker and allows them to stand out.
The surface can be protected with a coat of transparent paint.