Competence, passion and realization ability are the distinction of our reality as “industrial craftsmen”

Lamp propose itself as a point of reference for the style and design market of the automotive industry. Thanks to our expertise and our production skills, we can combine the traditional techniques and processes with the automated ones exploiting our “artisan expertise”. Adding value means being able to listen to the customer, consider the technical specifications and find the best way to meet his targets.

Once the target has been identified as belonging to the style and design industry, a first phase of evaluation and study of the standards required by the customer is fundamental. The production process starts acquiring the necessary technical specifications and, in the case of prototyping, with the feasibility analysis and evaluation of materials. The technical experts develop drafts and graphic files to create the product. According to the specific requirements (sometimes a steel matrix is also needed), the minting department can take part in the project and the related production process can begin. Otherwise, CNC machining takes place.

LAMP’s development combines well-established products and processes with research in the field of new technologies and prototyping. The continuous research and development activity is achieved through different partnerships with realities of international relevance in the automotive sector, such as the Milano-Monza International Open Air Motor Show and professional institutes present in the area, specialized in style and design.

Creating value is LAMP’s main goal and it’s pursued combining passion and expertise with technical skills. LAMP is able to create unique products thanks to the use of ancient manufacturing techniques, which allows the exact reproduction of original aspect of badges, plaques and logos.
LAMP can therefore meet the requirements of experienced customers who are looking for the best solutions to their projects and a high-quality service that cares for details.

In 2000 LAMP inherits new knowledge and skills thanks to the acquisition of the company DAS (Distintivi Artistici Smaltati), an historical company present on the market of enameled badges and logos for high-quality cars since 1950.

Aware of the need to preserve and transfer the ancient techniques of making historic badges, our production manager, head of the reproduction and restoration area, with the support of the head of the historical research and restoration of the automotive sector, have started a research project to publish a volume dedicated to automotive badges and decorative elements, linked to the era of kiln enameling.
Given the peculiarity of the work and the limited bibliographic and documentary availability on the subject, our company started a collaboration with the Turin Automobile Museum, owner and guarantee of the historical memory of the automotive sector, nationally and worldwide.

LAMP is an experienced company with an extensive knowledge of processes and traditional methods to restore and reproduce decorative components for the classic car market. Restoring requires research activities as well as philological studies in order to obtain the original features of the product with all its distinctive aspects:

  • artwork and decorative patterns
  • production techniques (printing, merging and engraving)
  • materials (pinch beck, copper, zamak, aluminum, etc.)
  • original finishing (silver and gold plating, nickel coating, etc.)
  • original chromatic effects obtained by studying the right intensity as well as possible transparent results (pastels, nuances, possible miniatures, etc.)

Reproduction from damaged original with missing parts.

  • 3D scanning of the upper element and subsequent creation of 3D vector files.
  • Creation of the 3D vector file of the mirror image based on the original object.
  • Graphic reconstruction of the lower element, based on studies of the font used, through the support of fragments of photographic material.
  • Graphic assembly of the upper and lower elements and subsequent creation of the mirror file.
  • Creation of the two steel matrices (original and mirrored object).
  • Molding of the two badges in copper.
  • Kiln enameling of the lower element.
  • Gilding of the two badges at 24 Kt.

Starting from 2019 every product made by our company will be stamped with the LAMP logo. By changing our logo from year to year we ensure our customers the traceability of our reproductions and restorations.